Zero Edge Casino Games

Zero edge casino games are the next best thing to having an online casino system that actually has an edge. If you’re playing at a zero edge table then it means you have exactly the same chance of winning as the house does.

Call them crazy, we think they are, but Betfair are actually offering a Zero Edge Lounge to their casino customers. In the Zero Edge Lounge at Betfair there are four different games on offer; Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Jack or Better (Video Poker). All four tables have 0% house edge if played propperly by players.

***The only downside to this the the fact that currently Betfair do not accpet customers from America. If you’re living outside of American though you’re more than welcome at Betfair.

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Zero Edge Roulette

We’ll start by taking a look at Betfair’s zero edge Roulette table. Basically they’ve adjusted the payouts players get to match up with the correct odds of winning a certain bet. For example if you bet on black or red you’ll get paid out evens and actually have an even chance of hitting your color. Normally the green 0 on the wheel means you get paid at evens but your chance of winning is actually less than evens.

At Betfair there’s no house edge in the Zero Edge Lounge which means you’ll get paid correctly for your bets and you have just as much chance of winning as the house does! As an online casino player you can’t ask for much more than that.

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Zero Edge Blackjack

In the Zero Edge Lounge at Betfair you’ll find the zero edge Blackjack tables. There is a little catch in the small print with these though that we want you to be aware of. The house will only have zero edge if you are playing perfect Blackjack strategy. If you’re not then the house will still have an edge over you.

However if you are playing perfect Blackjack strategy then you will have just as much chance of winning as the house does. Guess what, you guessed it, here’s a perfect Blackjack strategy chart for you to use. Print it off and use it while you play!

Perfect Blackjack strategy chart for

Zero Edge Baccarat

Betfair are also offering their casino players the chance to play zero edge Baccarat online. In order to create a zero edge Baccarat table Betfair have reduced the commission on bets on the Banker line from the usual 5% to just 2.5%. This means that any bets that are placed on the Banker line are zero edge. Other bets placed on the Player line or Tie line still do have house edge. So it’s kind of sneaky how they’ve done it and we’re sure it’ll catch a few people out, make sure you’re not one of them by sticking to the Banker line!

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Zero Edge Jacks Or Better

Betfair are also offering players the chance to play Jacks or Better, one of the most popular forms of video poker, in their Zero Edge Lounge. They now pay out 976/1 on any Royal Flush which is a country mile better than the usual 250/1 you’d find at the vast majority of online casinos. Betfair have also made the highest pay outs possible available to players regardless of their stake amount. Usually you’ll find that unless you bet the maximum amount of coins you’re not eligable for the maximum prizes. These two things combined means that players can now play Jacks or Better at Betfair with zero house edge! Happy days.

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