Online Slot Odds for Slot System Betting

Online Slots at Go CasinoWhile table games players are often appreciative of tips that will reduce the house margin against them, slot players appear to come from a different mold. This is evident by the large number of slot strategy and slot payout articles on the web that go on and on with tons of text without really saying much. Perhaps these sites hope players will just skim their articles and then become memorized by advertisement, but whatever the case providing practical advice about slot machines appears to be nothing of their concern. Perhaps it is slot players themselves that are largely to blame for this. If more slot players demanded information about a machines true odds and max pay probabilities there would soon be much higher payout slots available to cater to these players.

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In this article we will cover only basics on slot machine strategy. It is our hope though after reading it slot players will be well informed and make better decisions regarding which slots to play.

How to Choose a Slot Machine

First of all don’t judge a slot machine by its max payout, number of lines, coins, reels, jackpot size or even worst color scheme, theme or any other such trivial information. The only two things that matter in analyzing a slot machine is the slots overall payout as well as the probability of hitting the max payout. With this information you’ll be able to calculate your true expectation and consider variance. The reason the probability for hitting the max payout is important (variance): what if the odds are 1 in billion, but pay almost the full billion to one? In such a case this could be a 100% or higher payout machine that is likely never to payout close to its true odds. It’s important you consider this into your decision, simple logic applies.

Online Slot Odds

Once slot machine payouts and max pay probabilities are known, the optimal slot strategy (a slot system, so to speak) becomes as simple as chasing large online slot bonuses at the most favorable slot games while hoping to get lucky hitting a big score. The challenge comes in that most slot machines are busy with multiple lines, reels, payouts, symbols, wilds, bonus rounds etc. It is mind boggling – where does one start when wanting to calculate odds?

Many online casinos and independent casino authorities publish data about specific casinos slots payouts. The problem is these report are generally produced for marketing purposes and do not paint a clear picture. Now we’re not suggesting anyone lying, but if you were a casino owner publishing payout reports for a single month perhaps every third, fourth or fifth month which month would you choose? If it was my casinos I’d choose the month that had that massive jackpot hit, wouldn’t you?

Now back to an earlier thought. There is a myth that every reel is landed upon evenly. While this was true of wooden slots back in the day, slots as early as the 1970’s have been using computer generated random results to call a specific reel. This makes it easy to change a games payout percent without changing the payouts of each combination. To say this simply: there is no fixed data to go from; we would need access to the computer module to know the true odds.

As you can see now the only way were ever going to get true odds for each individual game is if online casinos were forced to publish them.

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I’d be willing to bet most online casinos have at least one slot game with a 97% payout. Now let’s take Go Casino for example. Here there is 100% up to $1K (Can claim 20 times) bonus offers with $20,000 in required rollover for each max $1K bonus. On a 97% pay machine we’d have +$400 expectation and on a 95% machine we’d break even. Of course, if we knew which game to play the casinos would soon be out of business. Needless to say, bonus or no bonus aside, if more and more slot players started emailing their favorite online casinos asking for exact numbers (odds and probabilities) then before long we’d start having lower house margin slot games out there to compete for this market. While that might mean lower bonuses, over the long run it means less for the house and more slot machine winnings for the gamblers.

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I’ll leave you with a final question, how does the 100% up to $888 Rushmore Casino bonus and the 200% up to $400 slot bonus at Bet365 Casino, compare with the $20,000 in bonuses Go Casino offers? This is a question I’d love to know the answer to, but until such time the answer exists no true online slot strategy or online slot system can be verified.

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