Winning Online Roulette Systems Examined

Bodog Online RouletteRoulette has been a popular gambling game since the 18th century and over the past 250 years countless gamblers have tried to develop “winning roulette systems” based on a mathematical betting strategy. In this article we’ll cover a few of these more popular strategies and roulette systems and then provide practical advice for beating live roulette and other advise for winning at online roulette.

Martingale Roulette System

The most common roulette systems are variations of a system that has been around for more than 250 years called the martingale betting option. This system in its most basic form has a player start with a small standard bet on a single color, for example $1 on red. If the bet loses the player bets $2 on red, if it loses again, $4 on red, then $8, $12, $24 etc until red wins. Once red wins a player has recovered all their losses plus one a dollar. They’ll now start the process over again with a $1.00 bet on red.

Assuming there is an online casino out there with a $1 min bet and a max bet over $512. A player will need a bankroll of $1023 to cover ten bets, if they lose ten bets in a row this is the amount they are down. Now in European roulette with one zero the odds of losing 10 bets in a row are 1 in 784 and at American roulette with two zeros the odds are 1 in 613. To give a brief conclusion, while this system might have some success in the short term, overall it is a looser.

If you do try this system at least do so at a casino where clearing the sign up bonus via Roulette is possible, such as the Bodog Casino.

Here is a chart to show you the probability of losing a certain number of bets in a row. To give a sample explanation in European Roulette the odds of losing 4 bets in a row are 1 in 14. This means on average each fourteen rounds using this system will result in having lost four in a row for a $15 loss based on a $1 starting bet a single time, plus thirteen times where you win a dollar each time.

European Roulette American Roulette
4 in a row 1 in 14 4 in a row 1 in 13
5 in a row 1 in 28 5 in a row 1 in 25
6 in a row 1 in 55 6 in a row 1 in 47
7 in a row 1 in 106 7 in a row 1 in 89
8 in a row 1 in 207 8 in a row 1 in 170
9 in a row 1 in 403 9 in a row 1 in 323
10 in a row 1 in 784 10 in a row 1 in 613

Note there are several variations of the Martingale Roulette system such as ones that wait for a certain number of a color to come up before starting the initial bet, as well as others that use an increasing bet size other than a double, such as a 2.5x or triple system. No matter how you work it these systems are flawed. In fact the traditional Martingale system of simple doubles is more effective than its variants.

Winning Live Roulette System

While this is often talked about and even laughed off by casino bosses and statisticians, having family who have worked in Las Vegas casinos for years and knowing some roulette dealers who can do it: I can say with all certainly some dealers make spins that are not random. In some cases this is carelessness by new dealers who fail to vary their spin, and in other cases it is done intentionaly. Without going into too many details on this system, the premise is to memorize the roulette wheel and then look for dealers who are spinning numbers next to each other frequently. When such an occurrence is taking place sit in and bet a group of numbers that surround the outcome of the last spin until the dealer or pit-boss realizes it and the spin becomes random once again.

We’re not sure if this same method can be used online; however for those outside the US, there are several European Casino that offer live roulette games where you’re viewing a webcam feed of a live dealer spinning a real roulette wheel. Examples of Casinos offer live roulette are Bet365 Casino and 888 Casino.

Winning Online Roulette System

Online Roulette is very difficult to beat. You could attempt the Martingale system, but it is probably better to just flat bet your lucky numbers while clearing a 10% bonus available at Bodog Casino. Bodog is one of the few online casinos that allows their bonus to be cleared at Roulette.

Even better, if you’re located outside the USA, your better option is to visit Betfair Casino. They offer a roulette game that has no house advantage, which they’ve accomplished by removing the zeros from the wheel. We even have a special link where you can claim a £5 no deposit required bonus.

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