Pai Gow Poker at Online Casinos with Bonus Offers

Bodog Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker has always been one of my favorite casino games having been first introduced to it at age 21. Over the years I played so much, that there were actually times I dreamed about Pai Gow Poker hands, woke up and headed to the casino to play them out. For me, playing Pai Gow Poker online makes sense. However, before getting into the best Pai Gow Poker bonuses, such as a the 10% instant Pai Gow Poker bonus via this special Bodog Casino link, I want to first cover the major differences between live Pai Gow Poker and online Pai Gow Poker.

Online Pai Gow -VS- Live Pai Gow

At live casino Pai Gow Poker tables you’ll find two types of players. The first are those who simply want to stay in the action while taking advantage of free drinks and the atmosphere. The second are players looking to gamble in an attempt to make money while increasing their comps, player ratings and VIP status. It’s the slow pace, low house edge, good comps and low risk that attracts both types of players to live Pai Gow Poker games. Unfortunately a lot of the benefits of this game are lost when it is played online. In internet Pai Gow Poker there is no forced slow pace, social interaction and most importantly the house edge is higher online than it is live.

In a live casino it is possible to reduce house edge by banking hands when allowed, prepaying commission and/or calculating bet size to pay the lowest possible commission percentage. All this equates to a Pai Gow game with roughly a 1.46% house advantage when playing House Way and this can be reduced down to 1.39% with optimal play. On the other hand, in online Pai Gow Poker games the best case scenario is a 2.68% advantage for those capable of advanced play and 2.74% for those who simply follow house way. As you can see Pai Gow in its online format is a little less attractive.

The good news if you’re a Pai Gow Poker fan is that online Pai Gow poker still provides significantly better odds than American Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Let it Ride, Keno, Slots and countless other casino games. However if you’re playing it strictly for the house edge you’ll be much better off using our Online Craps strategy for a 0.61% edge to the house, or playing baccarat for a 1.17% edge to the house.

Assuming you plan to stick to Pai Gow Poker we’ll suggest the best sites below in our Pai Gow Poker Bonus section.

Pai Gow Poker Bonus Offers

Most online casinos 100% sign up bonuses offers with 20 or less time rollovers restrict Pai Gow Poker from being played until bonus rollover is complete. This is because they’d be given a player too significant of an advantage due to Pai Gow Poker having a lower house edge than other games. In fact we know only of four online casinos that offer bonus cash at Pai Gow: Bodog Casino (USA Friendly), Betfair , 888 Casino and Bet365. Of these casinos our top choices are Bodog for Americans and 888 Casino for all players outside the USA.

Here are the numbers for each bonus applied to Pai Gow Poker:

888 Casino – 100% up to $200 Free. This bonus has a 20 time rollover, so a $200 deposit will get you $400 to start and you’ll need to wager $8,000 to meet the rollover requirement. Assuming a 2.74% house edge the expectation is to lose $219.20 of which $200 was bonus cash. This means after $8,000 in bets your expectation is -$19.20 which is -0.24% making 888 Casino with the max welcome bonus most certainly the lowest house edge version of Pai Gow period.

Betfair Casino – 100% up to $50 (Plus $5 Free). To look at Pai Gow we’ll analyze these two bonuses separate. First of all the £5 free is £5 free. No deposit is required so you’ll want to grab that bonus. If you’re fortunate enough to clear it by rolling the bonus over 20 times you’ll be allowed to cash out. Once this is complete you have an option for a 100% up to £50 deposit bonus requiring £3,000 in rollover. Based on a 2.74 house edge your expectation is – £82.50 after £3,000 of action. This is decent considering £50 of this was bonus cash so your average is a £32.50 loss which represents a 1.08% house edge during your first $3,000 in Pai Gow bets. That’s better than live Pai Gow and is likely worth taking a shot at.

Bodog Casino – This bonus is too small at just 10%. If you’re going to play Pai Gow Poker anyways, bonus or not bonus, than this is a great option for USA players. Otherwise we pass on this bonus and look for another site.

Bet365 Casino – Here only 20 cents of each dollar wagered at Pai Gow applies to the companies 20 time rollover, which makes it a 100 time rollover at Pai Gow. To give the numbers quickly, 100% on a $200 gives a player $400 to work with and will require $40,000 in rollover to clear the bonus at Pai Gow Poker. Take off 2.74% for house advantage on $40K worth of bets to see the expectation is -$1,096 less the $200 bonus = -$896 for a house edge of 2.24% over the $40K wagered. Nothing special here we’d suggest sticking to 888 Casino or Betfair Casino.

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