Martingale Betting System Double After Losses

Rushmore CasinoThe Martingale betting system has been around for centuries. This system was popular in France in the 1700’s where it was believed to be a system that gave gamblers an edge over the house when playing roulette. Of course those who believed this were in dispute with the legendary genius Albert Einstein who once said “No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.”

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Today almost all gambling systems created are simply variants of the 250 year-old Martingale betting system also known as a doubling system. In this article we’ll share what this system is, why it works, why it doesn’t work and give suggestions on how to beat various casino games.

What is the Martingale Double System?

The Martingale betting system in its simplest form is a doubling system. The system starts with a relatively small, say $5, bet on an even money proposition such as red on roulette, or player in baccarat. Each time you lose a bet you then double the betting stakes. So for example if you bet $5 and lose, the next bet is $10, if you lose again the next bet is $20, then $40, then $80, so on and so forth. If you do the math you’ll see that no matter how far along you are in the doubling process each time you win a hand you’ll be able to recover all your losses from that series plus have $5 additional which is your net win. Using this system you’re guaranteed to profit $5 every hand you win while recovering all your losses.

Note: to use the Martingale betting system correctly, every time you win a bet you revert back to the standard bet, $5 according the system above, and repeat the doubling for each loss.

Why is the Martingale Doubling System High Risk?

The dangers of the Martingale betting system involve limited bankrolls and fixed betting limits. Most casinos have a cap on the amount of money that can be bet on the table, and this cap is relative to the minimum bet. For example at many online casinos, games with a $1 minimum bet will have a $250 maximum bet. In such a situation if you start at $1 your eighth bet during a losing streak would be $128. If you lose this bet you can double no further as the next required bet is $256, more than the table minimum. To do a $1 system with 8 potential bets in the series we’ll need $255, this is the amount we’d lose if somewhere along the way we lost eight bets in a row.

The odds of losing eight blackjack bets in a row are 1 in 173 and this assumes no mistakes that vary from optimal strategy are made. To restate this for those not familiar with casino terms, if you use a doubling system at blackjack starting with $1 base bet and stopping when you lose the eight bet then on average 172 times you’ll be successful winning one dollar and one time you’ll lose $255. As you can see over the long haul the Martingale betting system is not profitable.

Is the Martingale System Profitable in the Short Term?

The general answer to this question is yes. Most times used the Martingale betting system will result in a profit. The bad news though is generally the wins are small while losses are always large. Over the long runs odds will catch up and those using the Martingale system will lose much more on average than a standard flat bettor.

Where is the best place to use the Martingale Betting System?

Keep in mind this betting system is high risk. If you do use the system you’ll want to do it somewhere that offers bonus cash that can be cleared at one of the even money bet games. Most casinos restrict these games. One exception is Bodog Casino, which offers a rather small 10 percent cash bonus. While this bonus is small it is instant, has a low rollover (only 15 times) and unlike most online casinos allows the bonus to be cleared at Baccarat, Blackjack and Craps which are the best places to use the Martingale system.

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What if I have 9 bets available, will this increase odds?

Actually no, this increases the short term variance but does not actually change the odds. To illustrate we’ll take a look at a game with better odds than Blackjack, color bets at European Roulette (single zero) where the house edge is 1.35%. Assuming betting limits of $1 min and $300 max, we can afford nine bets in our series which are $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128 and $256. Add these all together and you’ll see we need a $511 bankroll to do the system. The bad news is the odds are 1 in 403 that you’ll lose 9 bets in a row.

The Martingale Math: To help you better understand the math behind the Martingale betting system we’ll show you how we calculated the 1 in 403 odds of losing nine color bets in a row at European Roulette.

To determine the Martingale European roulette odds the first thing we needed was the probability of losing each bet placed on a single color. In European roulette (one Zero) a color bet will lose 19 out of 37 times (19/37 = 0.5135). To calculate further we need to take probability of winning decimal and power it to the number of times we can afford to bet. In a 9 bet system on European roulette on a single color the formula would be 0.5135^9. To make this clear, ^9 is the proper way of writing to the ninth power. When we calculate this out we see 0.5135^9 equals 0.00248. We then divide: 1/0.00248 = 403. This means our odds of losing 9 color bets in a row at European roulette is 1 in 403.

There are literally hundreds of variations of the Martingale betting system on the net. All have one thing in common; most will win over the short term but will lose in the long run. If you’re serious about casino gambling we suggest you first check our page on online casino bonuses and then navigate the other pages of our site where you’ll find specific casino game systems.

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