Online Keno System and Strategy for Best Odds

Keno, despite generally offering the worst odds in the casino, is a game many gamblers enjoy. When first asked to write an article on Keno strategy, I figured the only advice I’d have to give is: “find the largest online casino bonus offer that can be cleared at Keno, and play only at that site” because leaving lucky numbers, firecrackers at temples, voodoo and all other superstitions aside, no winning keno system exists and the only way to beat Keno is to get lucky.

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After taking a look further at online casinos I discovered online Keno odds vary greatly site to site, and the rollover requirements for clearing bonuses vary as well. With that considered I now had something to work with in at least formulating a Keno strategy that would minimize losses by reducing the house advantage. As it would be too time consuming to analyze each individual casino game one at a time, I decided the best approach to this keno article was to share my comparison of two online keno games alongside their bonus offers.

Go Casino Keno Review

The first casino I looked at was Go Casino due to their 100% up to $1,000 bonus available on players first 20 deposits. With up to $20,000 in bonus cash available that certainly increases the odds, but In order to determine the value of the bonus I first needed to analyze Go Casino’s house edge on keno games. It took me a while to pull all the numbers from the Go Casino software and put them into a spread sheet. Once complete I found a competitor’s Keno Calculator that could have saved me some time and will be helpful if you’d like to analyze other online keno games. I determined the best option at Go Casino was to select seven numbers for each bet. Here is a quick sample of the house edges Go Casino Keno based on number of spots selected.

1 Number Selected = 25% House Edge
2 Numbers Selected = 7.96% Hose Edge
3 Numbers Selected = 6.81% Hose Edge
4 Numbers Selected = 6.25% Hose Edge
5 Numbers Selected = 6.13% Hose Edge
6 Numbers Selected = 6.21% Hose Edge
7 Numbers Selected = 5.85% Hose Edge
8 Numbers Selected = 7.14% Hose Edge

Note: while 9-15 number games are offered I didn’t bother running the numbers as the variance would be too high for it to ever average out.

7 Number Keno has best odds with a 5.85% house edge, however the variance is high with the probability for 7 of 7 being just .002% (1 in 50,000). My quick analysis: if you’re going to do all 20 bonuses for the max or play lots and lots of keno this makes sense. Otherwise I might pass up some edge and go with the 4 or 5 number keno games. Analysis aside what I need to know is the value of the Go Casino bonus to know if this is worth looking further at.

Go Casino offers new players a 100% up to $1,000 bonus on each of their first 20 deposits. This requires a 10 time rollover on both the deposit+bonus amount. So running the odds you deposit $1,000 at Go Casino and start with $2,000 in cash. We’ll need to make $20,000 in wagers at Keno for the entire bonus to clear. The expectation is that we’ll lose 5.85% of the $20K in wagers which I was half-expecting but disappointed to calculate was $1,170.00. This means on average for every $1,000 Go Casino bonus we clear playing Keno, using the best Keno odds we’ll end up $130 in the hole.

Go Casinos odds were not horrible. Most gamblers know all casino games have negative expectation and I can get in $20,000 worth of action and have just a $130 expected loss which is an impressive 0.65%. Looking at it this way we’re playing the normally high house advantage Keno games with the same sort of odds optimal craps strategy offer. To analyze this further though, I took at look at Bet365 Casino.

Bet365 Keno Review

Bet365 offers three different bonuses for players to choose from. The one that is the most relevant here is their 100% up to $200 standard bonus which has a 20 time rollover requirement on deposit plus bonus. In short this means we’ll deposit $200, have $400 to play with and need to wager $8,000.

Running the calculations again I found the odds based on number of spots selected at Bet365 Keno are as follows:

2 Numbers Selected = 7.91% Hose Edge
3 Numbers Selected = 7.03% Hose Edge
4 Numbers Selected = 7.97% Hose Edge
5 Numbers Selected = 7.42% Hose Edge
6 Numbers Selected = 7.33% Hose Edge
7 Numbers Selected = 7.56% Hose Edge
8 Numbers Selected = 7.25% Hose Edge

After running the odds it stands out clear Bet365 Casino keeps a much higher house edge on their casinos games then Go Casino does. To look at it further for fun sake only: Three number games are best at Bet365 having a 7.03% house edge. At Bet365 we’ll need to wager $8K to clear the full bonus, and expecting to lose 7.03%. This gives us a loss of $562.40 which is more than our $200 deposit + $200 bonus. Its safe to say more than likely when we play Keno at we’re going to end up bust.

Best Online Casino for Keno

We’ll leave it up to you to do further comparison, but will conclude by saying: Though our sample size is limited having peaked at a few other casinos we feel fairly confident that Go Casino offers the best Keno odds with Rushmore Casino being the best options once your Go Casino bonus has expired.

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