Craps Betting Systems Reviewed

On this page we are going to look at Craps betting systems and review the most popular options out there for players at the moment. First we will take a look at the most popular of all the Craps betting systems the Martingale system, then we’ll look at systems which are available to buy online and finally we’ll show you are own very Craps betting system which can reduce the house edge to a tiny 0.61%.

Martingale Craps Betting Systems

The Martingale Craps betting system is very easy and always used on bets which have an even money payout. You will start with a small bet and if it wins you will pocket the money and repeat the bet you just made. If the bet loses then you will double your stake so that you can win back any loses and start over. If this bet loses you double your stake and you carry on doubling your stake until you recoup your losses and start over.

In theory the Martingale craps betting systems sound great but in reality there are certain things which stop it being a winning system. Casinos are wise to players who try to use Martingale Craps betting systems and have put measures in place to prevent them from working.

Two things prevent any Martingale system from working. The first is the table limit and the second is your own bankroll. You can only double your bet as long as the table limit will allow you to do so. Say the table limit is $100 and you start with a $5 bet. A $5 bet that loses becomes a $10 bet, then a $20 bet, then a $40 bet, then an $80 bet and then a $160 bet. If you lose enough bets in a row you won’t be able to place a big enough bet to cover your losses. It might be unlikely that you’ll lose 5 bets in a row but it’s still possible!

Even if there is no table limit in operation you could easily run out of money. As the bets double the amount gets bigger and bigger and eventually to a point where you’ll be broke and won’t be able to double your bet due to having nothing left in your bankroll. Either way you’ve lost a lot of cash and have no way of recouping it.

Craps Betting Systems You Can Buy

There are loads and loads of different Craps betting systems available to buy both online and offline. Whatever you do don’t be fooled by these, the vast majority are just an adaptation of the Martingale system which we already know doesn’t work.

Do you really think if someone had a Craps betting system that actually worked or any online casino system they’d be selling it for $70? They’d be keeping quiet and cashing in themselves!

Our Very Own Craps Betting System

We have created out very own Craps betting system which is available to players freely and will reduce the house edge to as little as 0.61%. Our system is easy to learn and anyone who knows how to play Craps can use it.

It works by placing a small bet which has house edge and then taking the maximum odds available. Odds bets have zero house edge attached to them!

To read all about our Craps system and how it works visit our: Craps System page.

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