Online Craps Strategy and System to Reduce House Edge

Craps is a popular casino table game that when played correctly has a low house advantage. There are a number of guides on the net marketed as “winning craps systems”, however unless you can control the dice, through cheating or another means, there is no way to turn the odds from the casino’s favor to the player’s favor. Assuming random rolls, which is always the case online; some luck will be required to win at craps. Now with that said, in this article we’ll focus on optimal craps strategy which will help you maximize your winnings in online crap games by minimizing the house edge.

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Best Online Craps System

If you’re a beginner to craps the game might seem intimidating due to so many betting options. In this “online craps guide” we’ll give you a simple “craps system” which will give you lots of action while minimizing the house advantage. Here we focus on only three bets: passline, come and taking odds.

Passline and Come

Our craps strategy involves placing a bet on either the passline or the come bet each and every roll and then always adding the maximum odds available. As a result we’re going to often have dozens of active bets on the table so it is important to consider this when choosing a bet size. Until you get the hang of this system, start off betting the table minimum for each passline and come bet.

When joining an online craps table our first bet is the passline, which is the most common craps bet in live casinos. After placing this bet we roll the dice and if the dice combine for a total of 7 or 11 we win even money and if they total 2, 3 or 12 we lose our bet. Any other total rolled (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) will have our bet continue to future rolls. The number we rolled (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) is referred to as the point. We’ll continue to roll until either a 7 comes out (in which case we lose our passline bet) or until the point is rolled again (in which case we win our passline bet). When either occurs, the next roll is called the” coming out” roll and this is where we can again bet the passline.

In our craps strategy we want more action then having to wait around between passlines and we accomplish this by come betting. A come bet works just like a passline bet except it can be made at anytime, we don’t need to wait for a come out roll. Because we’re betting either the passline (when available) or come bet (when passline is not available) on each and every roll, we’ll generally have action on multiple points. This means times where there are long delays between 7’s being rolled can provide a great deal of profit for us.

The house edge for passline (and for come bets) is 1.41%, which is quite low compared to most casino table games. We’re going to get that house edge down much lower with the key point to this craps system we have not covered yet, “taking odds”, which is something we’re going to do to the maximum at every available chance

Taking Odds in Craps

In craps a passline and come bettors are allowed to bet between 2-5 times the size of their initial come or passline bet (max amount varies online )on odds that they’ll make their point before rolling a 7. This bet called “taking odds” is the best bet in the entire casino as it has no house advantage. While a winning passline and come bets pays out just even money, the bets made on “taking odds” pay out true odds which are 6-to¬-5 for points 6 and 8, 3-to-2 for points 5 and 9, and 2-to1 for points 4 and 10.

To place this “taking odds” bet, simply add additional chips behind your passline bet or behind your come bet. If you take odds for 2 times the size of your passline bet and come bets the total house edge is reduced to just 0.61% and it gets even better if the casino allows you to take odds for three or more times the size of your initial bet.

Craps System Conclusion

The best chance to win a lot of money with craps is to have a come bet or a new passline bet on each roll. In this system lot money will change hands, so there will be winning days and losing days. This however is the craps system serious craps bettors use, and it will keep you in the action with a chance for a big score while playing with the lowest house edge.

The one alternative system which provides slightly better odds about (0.04% lower house edge) is to bet the opposite of this system which is Don’t Pass or Don’t Come on each roll and then lay the max odds. Keep in mind though laying odds is more expensive than taking odds, so such a system will lead to larger swings with more at risk.

Craps bets to Avoid

We strongly recommend avoiding any form of Martingale Doubling when playing craps. There are dozens of systems like this floating on the net, but all of them are high risk low reward. Such systems generally work in the short term, but over the long haul are large losers. Other bets to avoid in craps are covered below:

Place Bets: These are decent (marginal) bets on 6 or 8 where the house edge is 1.52%, but place bets on 5 or 9 have a 4% house edge and place bets on 4 and 10 have a 6.67% house edge.

Buy Bets: These have a 4.67% house edge due to the 5% commission and should be avoided.

Field Bet: Most online casinos only pay 2 to 1 on the 2 and 12 (as opposed to 3 to 1 on one of these numbers in Vegas, and 2 to 1 on the other). This means the house edge at most online craps games is 5.26% on field bets and therefore should be avoided.

Big 6 and 8: This is a sucker bet illegal in Atlantic City. Basically this is the same bet you could get at 1.52% house edge as a 6 or 8 as place bet, however instead you’re getting it with a 9.09% house edge betting it under this section of the table.

Hard Ways Bets: This is a bad bet live and in online craps it gets even worst. 6/8 pays 9 to 1 at most online casinos for a 9.09% house edge, and 4/10 pays 7 to 1 for a 11.11% house edge. Ouch! Avoid betting the hard ways at all craps games.

Proposition Bets: These are horrible bets. For examples: any 7 which pays 4 to 1 has a 16.67% house edge, any craps paying 7 to 1 has a 11.11% house edge, and all those other “hard” and “crap” bets between those two options are just as bad with 6-16% house advantages.

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