Bodog Blackjack Online Casino System

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and it always has been. The good news for Blackjack players or anyone who wants to learn to play Blackjack is it’s one of the best games when it comes to house edge. It is widely accepted that a recreational Blackjack player, someone playing without strategy, gives away about an 8% edge to the house. If you use our Blackjack online casino system then you can reduce that edge to 0.63%! That means your gaining a massive 7.37% back from the house! Find out how it works below.

The Blackjack System


The Blackjack online casino system we have created can only be used at one online casino and only one. This is the Bodog Casino and the reason we use Bodog is because they allow players to clear their bonus while playing Blackjack and the bonus only has a 15x play through requirement. This means that the house edge is actually less than 0.63% while you clear your bonus!

The very first thing you need to do to use our Blackjack system is sign up at Bodog and claim the 10% instant deposit bonus they have on offer for all new players. To do this and qualify for the Blackjack bonus click the link below.

Get the Bodog 10% bonus using this link – I want the Blackjack clearable 10% Bodog Casino Bonus!

Note: The maximum bonus amount you can claim is $100. The more bonus money you get the longer you can play with Blackjack with a house edge of less than 0.63%. When your bonus amount runs out the house edge will be back to 0.63%.


We’ll now assume you’ve signed up to Bodog and have made a real money deposit. Your bonus money will be in your account, you’re ready to get started!

What we’ve done is create a perfect Blackjack strategy table which is specific to the Bodog online casino system. We’ve taken into account all the different rule variations they have in place and come up with the best possible play you can make no matter situation you’re in. This information is displayed in a table below. We advise you to print the table off or have it at hand when you play.

***For an enlarged version click here – Bigger Table


You are now ready to start playing and clearing your bonus! Without the bonus perfect Blackjack strategy at the Bodog casino will give the house just a 0.63% with the bonus it’s even less. Using our Blackjack online casino system you have virtually just as much chance of winning as the house. You’ve gone from giving the house an 8% edge to just a 0.63% edge.

Facts are facts, using our Blackjack online casino system you have a significantly better chance of beating the casino!

Good Luck at the tables!

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