5 Baccarat Hints and Tips

In this article we’ll take a look at 5 of the best Baccarat hints and tips. Everything on this page will help you win more when playing Baccarat and reduce the edge of the house. First we’ll look at the Martingale system, then we’ll check out the different betting options and finally we’ll talk about where you can play online and how choosing the right online casino can allow you to reduce the house edge when play Baccarat. Check out the Baccarat hints and tips below.

Baccarat Hint 1 – Don’t Use Martingale

Many people believe the Martingale betting system is the answer to all their problems. The fact of the matter is though that the system doesn’t actually work over the long run.

It’s good for short term profit but if you start to loose multiple bets in a row not only do things start to get very expensive but eventually the table maximum will prevent you from doubling your bet. If you get to this point then you’ll be down a fortune and have no way to win it back by doubling.

Baccarat Hint 2 – Bet On Banker Line

Our second piece of advice on this Baccarat hints and tips page is to always bet on the Banker line. The Banker line has a 1.17% house edge attached to it and even though you pay 5% commission on all winning bets on this line it’s still a lot more profitable than any of the other betting options. The player line has a 1.36% house edge.

Baccarat Hint 3 – Don’t Bet Tie (14% house edge!)

What ever you do don’t bet on the tie line when playing Baccarat. All bets placed on this line have a massive 14% edge. That’s just so big you’ve got to hit serious lucky to make a profit on your Tie line bets. Avoid them at all cost. Stick to betting on the banker line which has the least house edge at 1.17%.

Baccarat Hint 4 – Bodog Baccarat Bonus

One of the best Baccarat hints we can give you is to play at an online casino where you can clear your bonus while playing Baccarat. There aren’t a lot of these around and Bodog is one of the only ones we have ever found. The good news is they accept players from all over the world including the USA!

Click the link to get a 10% Bodog casino bonus which you can clear at the Baccarat tables – www.bodog.com

Baccarat Hint 5 – Betfair Zero Edge Baccarat

If you are living outside the USA then you can join the Betfair online casino. They actually have a zero edge Baccarat table on offer to all players. This means if you play at this table you have the exact same chance of winning as the house does. You can’t ask much more than that as a gambler?!

Click this next link to play Baccarat with exactly the same chance of winning as the house does – www.betfair.com

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